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Dentistry in Odessa

Principles of work of the clinic "Phil Dent"

Detailed consultation
A wide range of dental services
Accurate diagnosis and treatment comfort
Individual approach to each patient
Using modern techniques and equipment
Highly qualified specialists

Terapiya - this is the first step in solving any dental problem. The primary goal of therapy - correctly identify the problem clearly identify ways to solve and prevent relapse. In other words, the therapy involves the diagnosis, treatment, prevention, and the aesthetics of the teeth and mouth.

As a basic discipline of dentistry, therapy is always preceded by narrow profile treatments, such as implants, dentures, orthodontics, surgery, etc. The first time the dental clinic patient should be referred to a therapist, who decides on further treatment. The necessary therapeutic procedures in most cases allows you to keep bad teeth, and prevents the development of the problem. Then, if necessary physician refers the patient to a specialist.


If you care about the health and beauty of your teeth, you probably know about the insidious caries. After first small dots are almost invisible, and does not bother me. But this is only the beginning! If time does not start treating tooth decay, over time small dots become quite large dips in the tooth, but still accompanied by painful sensations. The reason is simple: if damaged enamel and bone there is an inflammatory process of the nerve endings in the pulp of the tooth.

 Therefore, tooth decay should be treated in the early stages, when the damage is minor and the neurovascular bundle is not touched. If tooth decay has reached a complicated shape, the therapist conducts a comprehensive treatment of damaged areas, and only after that conducts tooth filling. It is important to remember that in the case of substandard care under seal may be hiding an inflammatory process that eventually can lead to tooth loss. Avoid all these hassles and possibly a snap - just need to be inspected on time dentist to carry out prevention of diseases of the teeth and maintain good oral hygiene.

Methods of dental treatment

Dental treatment can be divided into two volume groups: conservative and radical. The first group includes therapeutic procedures related to the preservation of the teeth, the second group - surgical related to the preservation and removal of the causative tooth. For example, treatment of caries - is a therapeutic treatment, but can grow and surgical. Tooth restoration - a restoration of the original anatomical shape, structure, color and other parameters of the tooth. Delays in treatment of teeth can turn into big problems.
Treatment of dental caries

The most common disease - tooth decay. It is of three types: light, medium and deep. Its causes include: oral microorganisms, the nature and nutrition, body condition, protective factors of saliva, the amount of fluoride that enters the body, and the effects of the environment.
Treatment of dental caries should begin immediately as soon as you have the first symptoms: pain from the cold and hot food and drinks, sweets, and the pain occurs only when exposed to the stimulus, and after his removal pain immediately disappears. Any modern dental caries treatment at any stage. Also popular teeth whitening service that you can make after treatment.
The cost of dental treatment

The cost of dental treatment will cost several times less than the treatment of pulpitis, which grows in the presence of an untreated tooth decay. Pulpit - is an inflammation of the neurovascular bundle of the tooth. This disease can occur not only when complications of tooth decay, but also because of erroneous actions at preparing the tooth, setting poor seals, thermal and chemical effects of substances. Treatment of deep caries is by cleaning the tooth cavity of softened dentin and its subsequent sealing. In severe cases, such as the defeat of pulp tissue may depulpirovanie - removal of the soft pulp tissue. With timely treatment of deep caries of the teeth can be saved alive, their functions and further restoration of teeth.

We provide the following therapeutic services:

    - diagnostics
    - treatment of superficial caries, fillings and production of ceramic inlays
    - treatment of cervical caries
    - treatment of complicated forms of caries - pulpits and periodontitis
    - cosmetic restoration - change / repair of color, the shape of teeth
    - business professional oral hygiene


All staff members of Dental Clinic are licensed professionals. Our staff consists of licensed general dentists.