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Treatment of periodontal disease

Parodontologiya - a separate area in dentistry concerned with the study of methods of diagnosis, prevention and treatment of periodontal disease. A key objective of Periodontology - treatment of periodontal disease, periodontal disease, gingivitis, as well as a number of other diseases of the gums. When periodontal disease is observed exposure of the neck of the tooth, causing tooth sensitivity (giperesteziya.)  

Atrophy of the gum tissue often is hereditary, and is associated with features of blood circulation in the tissues of the gums. Among the other causes of periodontal disease - diabetes and atherosclerosis, as well as lack of vitamins and trace elements. For maximum effect, treatment of periodontal disease requires an integrated approach. Treatment usually involves the use of special methods that allow you to enhance and improve the local blood circulation. In some cases, the assigned drug treatment with vitamin and sometimes hormones. In order to improve blood flow is also used massage the gums.


Most of the calls to the periodontist associated with the occurrence of pain in the use of cold or hot food, as well as acidic and sugary foods. But the sensitivity of the teeth - this is only the tip of the iceberg! After exposure of the neck of the tooth eventually leads to a loosening of his teeth, which could then lead to tooth loss.

The exact causes of periodontal disease have not been established, but some of them are known: genetic predisposition, systemic diseases, diabetes and other disorders of the endocrine glands, chronic diseases of internal organs, bone lesions. It is also believed that the cause of periodontal disease - lack of blood supply to the gum tissue, which in severe cases leads to its atrophy after - the loss of teeth.

With periodontitis has been a violation of the blood flow in the gingival tissues, so the gums are unhealthy pale pink color. Upon detection of at least one of the symptoms of gum disease, you should immediately consult a qualified dentist. Destructive periodontal disease can be of varying severity, and depending on the characteristics of the disease, the patient is assigned to an individual or preventive treatment. If the disease is at an early stage of development, it will be much easier to prevent its spread, and rid your body of unwanted consequences. That's why, if you notice any violation of the gums, do not delay going to the dentist!

Treatment of periodontal disease - it is a difficult process, and as such there is no effective treatment. But modern technology is helping to partially restore the gums. The process of treating periodontal disease in Odessa includes massage the gums to improve blood flow, well, with the appearance of sensitive teeth, aching pain and itching spend a treatment that removes these problems. And so the treatment of periodontal disease rates will depend on the development of the disease, the number of procedures, and, of course, the dental clinic.

Periodontal Disease - Symptoms and Treatment

Periodontal disease - a systemic periodontal tissue damage, that is periodontitis. This is a large group of periodontal diseases such as gingivitis, periodontitis and periodontal disease itself.
Determine the extent of periodontal disease may zubodesnyh depth of pockets, and gingival bleeding index, were scored. For periodontal disease is characterized by good fixation of the teeth, a small amount of dental plaque, exposure of the necks of the teeth and gums with no signs of inflammation, the presence of wedge-shaped defects. In advanced stages periodontal disease complicated by inflammation of the gums and lead to periodontitis. If you find the symptoms of periodontal disease, the treatment should be carried out in a timely manner, and most importantly – accurately.

Treatment of gingivitis and periodontitis

So during the development of periodontal disease may cause gingivitis and periodontitis, then together with the treatment of periodontal disease treatment must be treatment of gingivitis and periodontitis. For the treatment of periodontitis recommend professional oral hygiene, using modern techniques, treatment of periodontal pockets with hand tools, polishing the roots of the teeth by various methods, courses and irrigation applications with the use of anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and antiseptic preparations.

For the treatment of periodontitis prices may also depend on whether the required periodontal surgery such as splinting teeth and flap surgery. Treatment of gingivitis and dental care as is necessary not to delay that process is not delayed and did not have any complications.

We provide the following therapeutic services:

    - diagnostics
    - treatment of periodontal disease
    - treatment of periodontitis
    - gingivitis treatment


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