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Otbelivanie teeth is one of the main areas of aesthetic dentistry. Today, white smile can be purchased in various ways reconstructive bleaching. The chemical bleaching using hydrogen peroxide tangible result is stored for one year. In this case, the color change occurs gradually dental tissue.

By casts of the patient's jaws are made special tray that needs to be filled with whitening gel and wear for several hours for 2-3 weeks. In turn, the photobleaching makes it much faster to get the desired whiteness of the teeth. The procedure is performed in a dental office and takes a maximum of one and a half hours. Applied to teeth whitening gel whose main component is most often hydrogen peroxide.

Under the influence of light elements of the active oxygen liberated, thus providing whitening tooth enamel. Each method has its own characteristics, advantages and disadvantages. A qualified doctor before recommending teeth whitening, will diagnose the state of your teeth, if necessary, carry out the treatment. Taking into account the characteristics of the patient, the dentist will select the best method of bleaching.


Almost everyone is familiar situation where at some point you start to notice discoloration of the teeth, or diskolorit. And there is nothing surprising. Food, beverages, pharmaceuticals, and cosmetics contain a variety of colors, therefore the use and application of these products can not affect the whiteness of your teeth. We should also highlight smoking, which also entails a substantial change in color.

Thus, colorants, resins and other chemical compounds not only deposited on the surface, but also penetrate into the hard tooth tissues. Among other factors, any discolouration of the teeth - injuries, impaired formation of teeth, root canal treatment. That is why today, teeth whitening is the most popular aesthetic procedure. This raises the question of how safe is this procedure.

Fortunately, the availability of modern techniques for fast and painless whitening procedure and has no contraindications. We should also mention the rare cases when the patient is prone to allergic reactions to hydrogen peroxide. Also, dentists do not make teeth whitening for pregnant and lactating women. In other cases, you can safely go for his perfect smile!

Teeth Whitening in Odessa

If you are interested in teeth whitening Odessa offers a variety of methods to do this. Of course, you can select and home bleaching, but if you are interested in professional teeth whitening clinic of the city will offer you advanced technology, high quality work and professionalism. You only need to choose the right clinic. In Odessa, there is no obstacle for this: many dental clinics will take you to a high level and will help to solve all your "tooth" of the problem.

The most familiar and simple method of teeth whitening - the removal of plaque and calculus by means of ultrasound or air-powdered stone. In this case, teeth whitening effective if the teeth plaque many years: it is removed and the teeth are polished. This method requires as a first step for any whitening, as it helps to whiten teeth only partially.

Clinic Phildent - professional teeth whitening

On the professional teeth whitening prices may seem high enough, but it is only in the case if you do not know about all of its positive aspects. Is tooth doctor performed that involves the safety and professionalism of the procedure. It uses a whitening gel, eliminating damage to the enamel. And the acquisition of white persists for a long time, especially for long if certain conditions are food and drink.

We perform teeth whitening using the following methods:

    - chemical whitening
    - photobleaching teeth


All staff members of Dental Clinic are licensed professionals. Our staff consists of licensed general dentists.