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Dental Prosthesis

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Ortopedicheskaya dentistry - a specialized field of dentistry, aimed at solving the problems of dental system dysfunctions. From a practical point of view, orthopedics involves the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of disorders of the integrity and function of the dentition dentition using the methods of prosthetics, as well as using a number of regulatory apparatus.

Orthopedic surgeon, taking into account the state and the individual characteristics of the dentition, decides to hold a removable or non-removable prosthesis. Dentures (clasp, nylon) can be installed on their own teeth, and the implants. In turn, the non-removable prosthesis involves the complete replacement of decayed teeth by imposing crowns, bridges, veneers, inlays, etc.


If the condition of the patient's teeth can not be restored therapeutic methods, while dentists resort to prosthetics. The choice of method prosthesis depends on many factors, like the use of general medical testimony of various prostheses and individual factors - the condition and characteristics of the patient, the degree of destruction of the dentition, the number and location of damaged teeth, as well as the requirements of the patient regarding the timing of the prosthesis. There are four types of prosthetics: non-removable, removable, implant, aesthetic prosthetics.

In the case of the total (or substantial) loss of teeth in most cases, have resorted to setting dentures. It is also possible partial removable prosthesis in the absence of one or more of the posterior teeth. The advantage of this procedure - the minimum intervention in the structure of the teeth and soft tissues, which avoids complications. In some cases, the removable prosthesis is appointed due to the presence of contraindications for implantation.

Removable dentures used to completely restore the lost or damaged tooth to correct the shape or color of the tooth, as well as support for the bridge. Among the many varieties of porcelain veneers and dentures (steel, ceramic, metal-ceramic, porcelain) qualified orthopedic surgeon, given the medical evidence and the individual wishes regarding the aesthetic appearance, will select the optimum method and materials for dental prosthetics. Private dental clinic Phildent take care of your health.

Prosthetic dentistry - is to restore the structure and function of some or all of the lost teeth. Prosthetic dentistry in Odessa offers only modern dental clinics. You can select any options for installing the tooth, but, of course, it is better to consult a doctor and only then take the treatment and prosthetics.

Prosthesis value will depend on the type of prosthesis and the material used. Today, prosthetics cermet is the most popular, high quality and inexpensive material. The best dental clinics have modern equipment and allow you to pick prostheses that will not differ from the rest of the teeth.

Dental Implants - a restoration of lost teeth by means of implantation of the prosthesis into the fabric of dentition. Several distinct methods of implantation - vnutrislizistaya, submucous, podnakostichnaya, intraosseously-podnadkostichnaya, vnutrizubno-intraosseous, intraosseous. Dental implantation is possible in such cases: the absence of one tooth and the healthy adjacent teeth, the presence of multiple defects of the dentition, the absence of posterior teeth, the complete absence of dentition.

There is such a thing as a rapid implantation. This process lies in the fact that after a tooth is removed, the dental implant patient is fitted immediately. Such a method has its advantages: the ability to reduce the time to treatment and installation of the implant. Such implantation rates are much higher than usual.
Dental implants turnkey

Another way - implantation under the key. This service is offered by almost all dental clinics. Its essence - uniform implantation, which are all included. Often, such a service is used by those who have fully edentulous teeth and need some implants, as well as additional operations.

We provide the following services for prosthetics:

    - removable dentures
    - removable dentures
    - microprosthetics using veneers


All staff members of Dental Clinic are licensed professionals. Our staff consists of licensed general dentists.