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The alignment of the teeth

Ortodontiya - is a specialized branch of dentistry that aims to study methods of correcting the bite and teeth alignment. Formation of dental system often occurs with disorders that may subsequently cause of dental and periodontal, or in some cases, affect the overall condition of the body.

In particular, incorrect position of teeth and malocclusion have a negative impact on the chewing function of dentition (which subsequently affects the digestive system) lead to abrasion of the teeth, dental caries, gum disease, and can even cause pain in the muscles of the neck and face. The alignment of the teeth and bite correction is recommended in childhood and adolescence. In this case, reduction processes occur much faster and more efficiently.

However, modern methods of teeth straightening allow orthodontic activities at any age. A wide range of tools, such as braces, splints, Records and trainers, can solve even the most complex problems of occlusion and irregularities dentition. Modern orthodontics copes with its key objective - to restore the normal functioning of the chewing-speech system and return the aesthetically pleasing appearance of the teeth!


Timely treatment to the doctor allows the orthodontist to make the correction of bite and teeth alignment with the least expenditure of time, effort and money. Developmental disorders of the maxillofacial system has already become apparent in childhood or early adolescence.

Malocclusion of teeth and location are usually bright enough symptoms, expressed in the features of the facial skeleton. For example, the upper jaw can be moved forward over the top, or vice versa, is not positioned lower jaw, crooked teeth are arranged in such a way that it can not be hidden, even if the mouth serried. That is why parents should not put off going to the orthodontist. Erupting permanent teeth of children should be properly simulate the position of teeth, if necessary, to make room for growth.

On the basis of control - diagnostic models and X-ray images (orthopantomography, teleroentgenography) Orthodontist decide on treatment options. If the patient is already in middle age turned to the orthodontist, depending on the complexity of the problems he is offered the most optimal method of teeth straightening or occlusion. A qualified doctor will choose the most suitable and convenient system that is subsequently provided to ensure proper symmetry of the jaw. As a result, your smile will be aesthetically pleasing and harmonious!

The alignment of the teeth Burr

Burr teeth alignment much easier, more efficient and easier to pass in childhood and adolescence, but it is possible at any age.

Modern Orthodontics offers a variety of teeth alignment: braces, splints, records, elastopozitsionery. Each method has its pros and cons, as well as its indications and contraindications, so before you get to know the alignment of the teeth prices, necessary to consult with your dentist about the most appropriate in your case, the alignment process. The alignment of the teeth depends on the value of the selected clinics and specialists, as well as the alignment method.

Perhaps, and alignment of the teeth without braces. This is the new American technology, which for the alignment of the teeth and bite correction using caps to align the teeth. This technology combines orthodontics and 3D-art computer technology.

The alignment of the teeth without braces

Capa - is transparent pad that fits over the entire dentition. Manufactured caps so that their internal cavity is flush with the position of teeth, but is less than a few hundred millimeters. Burr teeth alignment is as follows - they exert some pressure on the teeth and forcing them to move in a certain direction.

Mouth guards for teeth straightening cost could be different, as it depends on certain characteristics: clinical, specialist care. Modern medicine, in particular, dentistry, offering reasonable caps for teeth straightening, the price of which will be available for each patient.

We carry out the alignment of the teeth with the following tools:

    - Braces - system
    - Mouthguards
    - Plates
    - Trainers


All staff members of Dental Clinic are licensed professionals. Our staff consists of licensed general dentists.