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Principles of work of the clinic "Phil Dent"

Detailed consultation
A wide range of dental services
Accurate diagnosis and treatment comfort
Individual approach to each patient
Using modern techniques and equipment
Highly qualified specialists

Hirurgicheskaya Dentistry - an independent area of ​​clinical dentistry, which is aimed at addressing the diseases and disorders of the dentition by surgery on both hard and soft tissues of the oral cavity.

Modern surgery has nothing to do with outdated notions about the imminent removal of diseased teeth. Today, the basic principle is to keep the teeth the dentist, in this aspect, surgery plays a role of an auxiliary tool. In the majority of cases, surgery is necessary to remove the foci of inflammation, so the most common surgical procedure is a resection of the apex.

After neutralizing the hearth assigned therapeutic treatment, if necessary, use the methods of prosthetics and orthodontics. Thus, surgery directs all its power not to remove, and to preserve the tooth and the restoration of their functions. Among other dental problems that are resolved by surgery - removal of wisdom teeth, removal of primary teeth in children.


Development of advanced technologies in medicine today can spend painless dental treatment, and the myth that the dental surgeon must remove anything, will never become a reality. In modern dental surgery the most promising and important area is to conduct operations zubosohranyayuschih: resection of the root of the tooth, removal of tumors in bone or soft tissues of the oral cavity, the operational methods of periodontal treatment.

Resection of the root of the tooth root provides removal of inflammation through the gum, without compromising the integrity of bone tissue. This procedure allows you to save the tooth and fully restore its natural functions. But do not forget, that even being a rather common dental procedures, resection of the root of the tooth involves surgical treatment. Therefore, the removal of the tooth root, like any other surgical procedure (removal of a cyst of the tooth, removing completely damaged teeth, removal of wisdom teeth) should be trusted only to qualified professionals.

We offer the following services maxillo-facial surgery:

    - diagnostics
    - zubosohranyayuschie surgery (resection of the root of the tooth)
    - extractions for orthodontic indications
    - remove completely decayed teeth
    - removal of wisdom teeth
    - removal of primary teeth in children


All staff members of Dental Clinic are licensed professionals. Our staff consists of licensed general dentists.