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Principles of work of the clinic "Phil Dent"

Detailed consultation
A wide range of dental services
Accurate diagnosis and treatment comfort
Individual approach to each patient
Using modern techniques and equipment
Highly qualified specialists

Care and prevention of teeth - is a set of preventive measures that can prevent the occurrence of oral diseases, periodontal and tooth decay. The elementary hygiene procedures involve the use of basic facilities for the care of the oral cavity, such as a toothbrush, dental floss (dental floss), and toothpaste. The main method of prevention, which provides a more pronounced effect is a professional teeth cleaning. This procedure removes hard plaque is located above the gum and hidden beneath it. Conduct a professional dental cleaning requires 1 every 4-5 months.

The issues involved in the prevention of dental hygienist periodontist. Along with conducting clinical prevention, the doctor also makes recommendations for daily oral care, as well as proper diet. To determine the specific indications carried out a series of diagnostic procedures, which resulted in the patient doctor may recommend an individual diet.

For example, a specific set of product to reduce the percentage of lactobacilli and streptococci in saliva, which in turn prevents reproduction cariogenic bacteria. The use of modern highly sensitive equipment to diagnose dental caries and periodontal disease in the early stages, ensuring timely and effective prevention of dental diseases.


Anyone who carefully monitors the health of your own body, aware of the close relationship of all systems and organs. At the same time, there are opinions that the condition of the mouth and teeth can have a significant impact on the individual organs and overall health in general. But this is not the case. To dispel this myth, we should recall the direct involvement of the mouth and teeth in the process of digestion. The poor dental health is directly related to the development and spread of harmful bacteria, which entails not only the development of caries, periodontal disease and other diseases of the oral cavity, but also affects other vital organs.

After all, as a result of this process produces micro-environment with ideal conditions for the development of infections. Getting into the body through the gastrointestinal tract and mucous membranes, infection pose a threat to the entire body. Thus, neglecting the prevention and care of the oral cavity, can damage not only teeth but also the entire body. We recommend timely prevention of dental diseases regardless of the patient's age and the presence or absence of disease. After all, even healthy teeth need to be protected!

We provide professional oral hygiene, which includes the following steps:

- removal of plaque and hard deposits with the use of special techniques, equipment and materials;
    - professional polishing of the teeth - provides a beautiful appearance and prevents delay of bacteria on the tooth structure;
    - flyuorizatsiya - enamel coating formulation to enhance the metabolism of bone tissue;
    -  deep fluoridation - drawing on the tooth enamel funds to strengthen and mineralization of teeth.


All staff members of Dental Clinic are licensed professionals. Our staff consists of licensed general dentists.