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Child Dentistry

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Detskaya dentistry is a specialized field of dentistry complex aimed at treating and preventing diseases of dentition in children. As well as general dentistry, the discipline is quite comprehensive, and has set itself a wide range of tasks. The main difference lies in the fact that children's dentistry is the foundation for all other areas of dentistry, and its key objective is to prevent the occurrence of diseases in the future. Pediatric dentist monitors the growth and development of the dentition, conducts the necessary treatment and prevention of various diseases of the teeth and oral health in children, taking into account the characteristics of the development of the child.

Scheduled scanning dentist can prizvodit from an early age. Thus a doctor may adjust dysplasia teeth, to carry out activities for prevention of tooth decay, and most importantly - to instill a culture of oral hygiene. After the first visit to the dentist in a child formed an impression of danger or safety of such examinations and procedures, because parents should carefully approach the issue of choosing a dental clinic. Kind, cheerful and attentive doctor who loves and knows how to communicate with children will love the child.


From an early age parents need to closely monitor the growth of teeth in children. There is a perception that the state of primary teeth does not really matter, because in their place will soon grow new healthy teeth. But any pediatrician will tell you that the development of primary teeth has a major impact on the overall health of the child. In particular, the state of the dental system has a close relationship with the respiratory and digestive systems of the body, as well as with the speech apparatus child. In turn, the correct formation of chewing-speech device avoids problems with digestion, provides regular breathing and promotes the formation of a clear, correct speech.

Also, parents need to pay attention to the carious tooth decay, which will soon lead to the loss of a baby tooth. Remember that removing a baby tooth - not the best way to get rid of tooth decay. Any doctor will tell you that the baby teeth can and should be treated as well as the absence of one or more teeth complicates the process of chewing food, which again reflects badly on the state of the gastro-intestinal tract of the child. To avoid all these problems, the prevention of dental caries conducted primary teeth using the procedure fissure sealing.

On the surface of the milk teeth are natural depressions that are most prone to the formation of dental caries. To prevent the accumulation of bacteria and further development of caries in fissures, enamel covered with special sealants. Besides protecting against caries, these materials contribute to the formation and strengthen the enamel due to the content of fluorine and other minerals.

Pediatric dentist in Odessa

The belief that the perishable milk teeth - it's not terrible, as soon grow new is wrong. As a result of this attitude is suffering health of the permanent teeth. Pediatric dentist in Odessa, understands the importance of your profile, and conduct all necessary steps: assess the condition of the teeth and gums, helps eliminate bad habits are formed, will teach the proper care of your teeth and cleaning them, hold activities to prevent tooth decay, and more.

Pediatric dentistry is very different from dentistry in a general sense. To the milk teeth need a special approach and special Doctor children's dentist. In addition, if the nature of orthodontic problems began in childhood, it is best to address them directly, rather than later, when it would require much more effort and time. As a result, children's dentistry prices will be much lower than the prices for the treatment of permanent teeth.

Children's Dental Clinic of Odessa - it's not just dentistry. In the children's dental clinic come highly susceptible patients, for whom the first experience of "dialogue" with the dentist can leave only bad memories, and eventually the child will be afraid of visiting the dentist. In the modern children's dental clinic should be special conditions for admission of patients: a child psychiatrist, children's playground, games room, toys, books and other things that would help the child to relax and not be afraid of the doctor.
Treatment of dental caries in children

Prevention of dental caries of primary teeth is very important for its timely conduct may not be needed in the future treatment of dental caries in children. Early tooth decay can affect the baby teeth immediately after cutting. Given the short duration of the process and the presence of multiple lesions may prompt dental pulp infection - complicated by the development of caries. In order to avoid this, and another set of problems, and requires preventive measures.

But still, if there was caries of deciduous teeth, treatment should begin immediately. However, many parents feel that it is better to remove the baby tooth at once, rather than treat, anyhow will soon grow another. Dentists say - treat! Early removal of primary teeth can cause a number of serious violations. In addition, milk tooth caries at an early stage is quite simple and painless - dentist removes only the affected tooth from all patients softened tissue infected bacteria disinfect tooth and hermetically closes the hole.
Gingivitis in children - Treatment

If gingivitis appeared in children treated in this case necessarily. Gingivitis - inflammation in the gingival mucosa. Its causes can be injury to the mucous membrane of the gums, improperly installed seal, infection, malnutrition, low immunity, physiological growth of teeth. With gingivitis should immediately contact the Children's Dental Clinic, and conduct a number of preventive procedures.

Deciduous teeth caries treatment requires timely. Taking into account the short duration of the process and the presence of multiple lesions may prompt dental pulp infection - complicated by the development of caries. Treatment of a baby tooth decay at an early stage of a simple and painless - the dentist will remove all of the affected tooth sick, macerated tissues infected with bacteria and disinfects the tooth.

We provide the following therapeutic services:

  •     - diagnosis of dental system
  •     - remineraling therapy
  •     - treatment of dental caries (fissure sealing)
  •     - filling baby teeth
  •     - removal of milk teeth
  •     - business professional oral hygiene


All staff members of Dental Clinic are licensed professionals. Our staff consists of licensed general dentists.