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Phil Dent dental clinic started February 1, 2012. We have tried to bring to life the concept of ultra-modern dentistry, where each patient can receive comprehensive dental services. Taking into account the wide range of areas of modern dentistry, we assembled a team of the best narrow specialists. Each of our dental clinic has many years of experience in their field, flawlessly owns specialized skills and methods of prevention, diagnosis and treatment of dental diseases, knows the subtle nuances of their work. Our experts - these jewelers dentistry!

Phil Dent Clinic is equipped with the latest equipment in the dental industry's top Switzerland, Finland, Germany, Japan, and Israel. Using Supernova technology allows us to diagnose and treat dental disease quickly, efficiently and painlessly! We use the technology of the future today!

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PhilDent dental clinic in Odessa offers comprehensive services for the treatment of teeth: prevention and treatment of dental caries, tooth whitening and aesthetic dentistry services, treatment of periodontal disease, dentures and implants, teeth alignment services and pediatric dentistry.

We strive to create the most comfortable conditions of all our customers - and for adults, and for the youngest patients. Of course, we can hardly surprise anyone if we say that the main principle of our work is the individual approach to each patient. But it's true! And we have no doubt that by visiting our clinic at least once, you will not want to change anything. After all, the most reliable and modern dental clinic in Odessa - is Phil Dent! We do not have "the doctor for everything" - we have doctors who will do anything for you!

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